Our company has been focused and for a couple of years our team has been working entirely on the development and establishment of a business conception intended to offer innovative services to our future partners. Our long-standing work on the development of our systems and on the main marketing components provides good grounds for you to upgrade and develop this innovative business at the national level. Our systems which you will receive initially have a good potential to be upgraded or improved over time, if required by the scope of your business and can be produced in large quantities and made of various materials. After acquiring exclusive rights for your country and purchasing the equipment specified below, we shall have no claims or involvement in your business or business plan. You buy the whole business and manage it independently, and the only limitation under the contract is that you can use these waste water collection systems for your business for external washing of vehicles only on the territory of your country.


  • franchise license on the intellectual property of the waste water collection systems and right to provide the services in your country;
  • developed brand design – you can see our Brand Guide on our website;;
  • two types of waste water collection platforms (made of flexible material and made of aluminum alloys), additional equipment and accessories;
  • equipped mobile car wash trailer and machines;
  • know-how and specialized training on how to use the machines and provide the services;
  • guidelines for advertising marketing strategy;
  • sample website design;
  • work files developed by a design engineer with SOLIDWORKS software and a 3D model of the system;
  • production drawings, schemes and instructions for assembly of the waste water collection system;


OLD PRICE: EUR 20 500  *  NEW PRICE: EUR 15 500
The offer includes everything described below.

For the indicated price you receive:

1. Waste water collection platform made of flexible material with a water extraction system and included main accessories, allowing you to provide services for exterior vehicle washing with water at the customer’s home or office location. This platform consists of two modules and is entirely intended and designed to be used for frequent change of locations and individual customers, and with this platform the operator extracts waste water after the washing process is complete.
– With this system you will receive exclusive license rights for your country on the intellectual property protection of the system comprised of European Union Industrial Design – CLICK HERE

2. Waste water collection platform made of aluminium alloys (which you can see on the video presentation on our website). This platform is intended for locations where consecutive washing of vehicles is performed with greater intensity of work process, and this type of platform allows waste water to be extracted simultaneously during the washing process.
With this system you will receive exclusive license rights for you country on the intellectual property protection of the system comprised of:
– Utility Model for Bulgaria – CLICK HERE
– European Union Industrial Design – CLICK HERE

In order to be able to produce and sell the waste water collection system for use only on the territory of your country, we will provide:
– work files developed by a design engineer with SOLIDWORKS software and a 3D model of the system;
– production drawings, schemes and instructions for assembly of the waste water collection system;

3. Mobile car wash trailer with superstructure and advertising brand, with a load capacity of 750 kg requiring B driving licence category, and equipped with water storage containers, water jet gun, pumps, hoses and other equipment;

4. Additional equipment:
– portable spray extraction cleaner;
– machine for vehicle interior disinfection (ozonation);
– vacuum cleaner for basic cleaning of interior;
– special attachments and accessories for hardly accessible areas;
– electric generator system;
– microfibre towels for interior cleaning;
– microfibre towels for window cleaning;
– a set of 5 brushes for interior cleaning;
– upholstery brushes for manual cleaning of car seats;
– a natural hair brush for manual cleaning of leather car upholstery;
– detergent sprayers;
– a rotation brush for cleaning of car seats;
– cordless screwdriver for rotation brush;
– 25 metre electric socket extension lead;
– a portable cart for storage of car wash accessories;
– a package of single-use polyethylene seat covers;

With the waste water collection system you also receive:
– brush for cleaning of the flexible base placed under the platform;
– flexible mat used a protective base under the platform comprised of two pieces;
– container placed under the platform with a quick coupler ensuring quicker extraction of waste water from the flexible platform;
– 10-metre long hose for the vacuum system; hose attachment for quick extraction of waste water and quick coupler to connect the hose with the container placed under the flexible platform;
– vacuum extraction system placed on a PVC base fixed with protective elastic bands;

5. Developed sample design of a website with description of the services to be provided – CLICK HERE

6. Exemplary franchise packages which you can offer to your prospective customers.

7. Training at initial level which will include:

Exterior washing of vehicles with the mobile car wash:
– preparation of the vehicle before main exterior washing;
– techniques for consecutive washing of various components;
– techniques for main exterior washing with minimum water consumption;
– detailed cleaning of various components;
– techniques for consecutive steps in prewashing and main exterior washing;
– getting acquainted with the main high-quality detergents for exterior washing with water with the mobile car wash;

Washing of car upholstery and detailed interior cleaning:
– preparation of the vehicle;
– techniques for detailed cleaning of vehicle interior;
– work with upholstery cleaning machine (extractor);
– cleaning and conditioning of leather car upholstery;
– getting acquainted with the tools and techniques required for more precise detailed cleaning;
– disinfection of vehicle interior and work with ozonation machine;
– getting acquainted with the main high-quality detergents and conditioners for interior cleaning;

8. We will provide to you contact information for import and suppliers of machines, detergents, consumables, etc.

9. Complete Brand Guide with ready design of various advertising materials (Brand Guide – CLICK HERE) with developed numerous advertising materials, which you can view in the attached file or on our website.

What is important to know and to have for a good start:
– The mobile car wash is intended for washing of moderately soiled vehicles that are used in urban environment and conditions.
– The service is innovative, provides high convenience and can quickly gain popularity and become preferred by your regular customers. According to our experience, it is most cost-effective to offer to your customers full package of external washing and internal cleaning services (external detailed washing, upholstery washing, machine disinfection of interior), because transportation to each location is associated with additional costs and time; also the process is a little bit slower and requires a different technique of work as compared to a stationary car wash, although this is largely compensated by the lack of additional costs for rent and maintenance of premises.
– The waste water collection systems can be placed only on asphalt and even surfaces as well as on roads and streets. They cannot be used on lawns or places which are not intended for vehicle traffic, or which are not in good condition. The locations where the services will be provided should have enough space to position the mobile car wash trailer and the platform and to ensure a comfortable working environment.
– Only high-quality detergents with neutral pH should be used, as this allows to use techniques for vehicle washing with minimum quantity of water and high quality of service.
– The staff should be technically competent. It is also necessary to provide regular maintenance and upkeep of the systems to ensure their long-term efficiency.
– If you plan to develop your business on a larger scale in your country, you should find contractors to manufacture more systems as per the models and technical drawings provided by us, or you can manage your own small-scale manufacture.
– The the mobile car wash trailer is used to store the main equipment for exterior washing and the platform made of flexible material. This equipment will be enough for you to provide services to individual customers with frequent change of locations. If you need to wash several vehicles and provide detailing services in one location, it is more practical to use the platform made of aluminium alloys (you can see the video presentation on our website). For its transportation, you will need a larger pick-up truck or mini-bus where you can also store all the additional equipment, and you can also use it to tow the trailer.
– Apart from a trailer, another option for transporting both platforms and equipment is to use a larger mini-bus, but this option depends on the scale of equipment, the size of water tanks according to the region and the conditions where you develop your business. The initial package of equipment that you receive can also serve as an example, and it can be modified, if necessary, or assembled in various ways and adapted for solutions according to the needs of your business or prospective customers.