Exterior washing is performed at the customers home or office location with our mobile car wash system comprised of water storage containers, special equipment and detergents which ensure quality vehicle washing. The vehicle is parked on our patented platform which is intended for waste water collection and ensures environmental protection.

Car washing is performed as per the well known methods with water and water jet gun to remove coarse dirt.
We use high-class detergents with neutral pH that ensure professional cleaning and maximum protection of your vehicle.

Being an important component of your vehicle exterior, we pay special attention to cleaning of wheel rims which is performed with special brushes to reach all dirty surfaces.
After cleaning of wheel rims is complete, wax is applied on the sides of tyres for extra shine.
After main exterior washing is complete, a detergent with high wax content is applied and the vehicle is wiped dry with high quality, soft, microfibre towels. After the vehicle is wiped dry, interior cleaning begins.