Franchising is a form of business cooperation where the Franchisor provides a licensed privilege to do business, access to knowledge, processes, trademarks, training and cooperation in return for a consideration from the Franchisee. The Franchisee receives the right to sell to sell products or provide services under the Franchisors brand, as well as assistance in organisation and promotion of business, and marketing strategy.

Having long-term experience with car cosmetic services, our company decided to make a social and technological experiment and invented a mobile car wash for vehicle washing with water as per the standard carwashing technology. The mobile car wash operates as follows: The customer makes a phone call and appoints the mobile car wash to come at the customers home or office at a convenient time. The mobile car wash comes at the address and provides interior cleaning and exterior washing (as per the well known methods used in stationary car wash facilities) by using water jet gun and professional car wash detergent, including cleaning of all components, such as wheel rims, wheel wells (fenders), etc. Our professional experience have shown that water cleaning is the most effective car wash technology. The mobile car wash is aimed to save time and provide maximum convenience for customers, with no compromise in quality of car wash services.


You have the opportunity to offer a new generation of services, which are innovative, attractive and convenient for the customers, and therefore arise huge interest and attention which gives you a chance for rapid development of your business even in the short term.


An exceptional feature of our franchise is that by paying a single franchise fee you receive not only know-how, license rights on the protected systems and our brand, training and right to provide the services under the franchise, but you also receive full technical equipment - all machines and additional systems required for their use and management, detergents, towels, brushes, accessories, advertising materials, air fresheners, etc.; this means you do not have to make further investments to start your own business right away.


We give you the right to use our brand (learn more from our Brand Guide section) and know-how on the work processes and services, and how to achieve best results and optimal use of the equipment and technology provided. You will learn how to work fast, efficiently and with high quality. The training we provide is well organised to give you a detailed knowledge of the whole process within a short training period.


We will develop a marketing strategy that will help you reach more potential customers. We will be actively involved in promoting and making your services popular in the region where you operate your business, so that you will be able to focus on your direct work with your customers. We will prepare advertising campaigns and online advertising, and will provide free promotional materials. We will provide specially designed software for sales registration and analysis, and for digital order of services by customers.


We are available to assist you when needed. In case of technical malfunction of any component, we will replace it with temporary spare parts in a timely manner. Our long-term experience will give you safety, as we know the work process in deep detail and we can give you advice and guidelines on how to process each component most optimally to achieve highest quality of service.


We aim to be flexible and meet the needs of both our partners and our end customers. We offer two franchise packages to suit the scale of work and investment that you plan to make. With these packages you can start now, without wasting further financial resources, time or energy. Our franchise packages provide everything you need to do your business at the highest professional level.

Choose your franchise packages depending on the scale of work you want to achieve
Interior Cleaning Franchise Package

With this package you receive:
  •   brand and know-how
  • specialised training where you will learn how to use the machines and provide the services;
  •  promotional marketing strategy for the region where you operate your business, designed and implemented by us;

    You will also receive portable equipment free of charge, including portable car upholstery cleaning machine, electric generator system, vacuum cleaner with special accessories, specially designed portable cart for storage of car wash accessories, full range of detergents for cleaning, washing and conditioning of car interior, a kit of microfibre towels, detailing brushes, brushes for leather, textile and interior cleaning, advertising materials, certificates, air fresheners and other accessories needed for the services.

    This franchise package allows you to provide the following services at THE CUSTOMERS HOME OR OFFICE LOCATION:
    machine cleaning of car upholstery and car seats;
    detailed interior cleaning;
    machine disinfection of vehicle interior (ozonation);
  • Interior Cleaning + Exterior Washing Franchise Package

    With this package you receive:
  •   brand and know-how
  • specialised training where you will learn how to use the machines and provide the services;
  •  promotional marketing strategy for the region where you operate your business, designed and implemented by us;
  • franchise license on the patented system;

  • Exterior washing is performed by placing the vehicle on our patented, easily assembled and portable waste water collection platform.
    We offer two types of platforms - the first type of platform is made of aluminium alloys and is intended for locations where consecutive washing of vehicles is performed with greater intensity of work process, as this type of platform allows simultaneous waste water collection during the washing process, thus no interruption of the work process is required and no waiting time. An optional canopy can be provided, which is easily assembled to the platform to provide more comfortable conditions during the work process.
    The second type of platform is made of flexible material and is intended for lower intensity of work process and individual customers, because this platform requires technological waiting time for waste water collection. The equipment provided free of charge also includes water storage containers, water jet guns, pumps and systems for their management, special waste water collection system, hoses, microfibre towels, buckets and brushes for professional cleaning services, and other accessories.
    Another unique option is that you can also order the equipment with a specially designed water treatment system that allows you to treat waste water and reuse it for vehicle washing.
    Our company invested great effort and resources to develop this water treatment system because it not only provides convenience for our partners, but it is also in line with our social responsibility policy with a focus on environmental protection.

    This package also includes all the equipment provided with the Interior Cleaning Franchise Package (as described above).
    It also gives you franchise license to perform standard exterior vehicle washing with water at the customers home or office location.