Polir Tuning Mobile Car Wash is a professional, specialist mounted water cleaning company that removes all traces of grease, grime and dirt from the car at your home or office location. It offers you a time saving solution when life is busy whilst caring for the environment.

This is the first mobile car wash with high-pressure water cleaning and simultaneous waste water collection during the washing process, on site in front of the client's home or office by using special foldable platform with drainage channels, which can be handled and carried by a single person due to its unique PATENTED TECHNOLOGY.

It took several years to develop and improve this project, during which the invention underwent all required preliminary research and tests, and obtained Community Design Certificates according to which POLIR TUNING LTD in its capacity as inventor was granted the exclusive right to use this invention in Bulgaria and abroad and is the sole owner of all rights on the mobile car wash.

How did we come up with the idea to create the mobile car wash?

Having long-term experience with car wash services, Polir Tuning desired to invent a mobile car wash that could provide the same high quality cleaning service as provided by stationary car wash facilities. This was a hard task because our professional experience has shown that water cleaning is the most effective car wash technology. The mobile car wash is aimed to save time and provide maximum convenience for clients, with no compromise in quality of car wash services.
The mobile car wash operates as follows: the client makes an appointment by phone and the mobile car wash goes straight to the client's home or office to provide full service cleaning - standard interior and exterior cleaning. Car washing is performed by using jet spray water and car wash detergent for professional use, and includes cleaning of all components, such as wheel rims, under muderguards, etc.


We invented an extremely firm foldable platform made of aluminium alloys. Due to its patented technology, the platform is very light but also durable and firm. It is comprised of two foldable components and a special folding system allowing folding and unfolding of its two base components. It takes just a couple of minutes to assemble these two base components and transform them into a platform. After assembling the platform, the vehicle is parked on the platform in order to be washed. Specially designed slopes lead waste water to drainage channels, and a special technology leads waste water back into the mobile car wash trailer. The platform is extremely firm and durable. The most unique thing about the platform is that in spite of its large size when unfolded (fully assembled) - after being folded the platform is transformed into two small modules which are very light and can be easily transported in a small trailer, pickup truck or a light duty vehicle.

The introduction of this type of car wash service and the improvement of the new platform raised enormous public interest over time which was why we decided to patent (license) the invention in order assure our partners willing to buy this technology that they will able to provide legitimate mobile car wash services anywhere in the world.

The platform is intended to be transported in a small trailer specially adapted for the purpose which can be driven even with category B driving licence. There is also an option to install the mobile car wash into a pickup truck or van. The mobile car wash trailer is provided with standard equipment for interior and exterior car cleaning, as well as for supplementary services, such as:

• interior cleaning and exterior car washing;
• car upholstery washing and car leather cleaning;
• headlight polishing;
• car polishing;
• disinfection of air conditioning ducts;
• other car cosmetic services.

By using this mobile car wash technology you can offer an unique car wash service to your clients standard interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles with at a place and time convenient for your clients and supplementary car cosmetic services that can perfectly change the looks of the vehicles you handle.